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                            Founded in 2019 and located in the beautiful city Dalian, China TX IIOT (Dalian) Corporation Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China TX Group, is a high-tech enterprise in Dalian Jinpu New Area, which merged Beijing China Xiandao Measurement and Control Technology Co., LTD. and Dalian High-end Xiandao Intelligent Technology Co., LTD., with a registered capital of 130 million yuan. It is an


                            Mining Integration Platform

                            Smart Mining Operating System Platform (RED-MOS?) it is an important foundation for the comprehensive implementation of the Internet of Things system in the mining industry. It is an open and scalable operating system platform that enables the access of various perception data downwards, providing and developing configuration tools and collaborative design services, big data analysis, etc. for intelligent application subsystems.

                            • Smart Mine Control Platform

                              By adopting virtualization and cloud computing technologies, a mining cloud data center is constructed to achieve unified planning and construction of data source cleaning, computing, storage, and cloud network resources

                            • Realize the interconnection and interoperability of all things in mines

                              Provide comprehensive data services, spatiotemporal services, visualization services, collaborative control services, business process services, and big data analysis services for the intelligent mining application subsystem

                            • Construction of the "One Picture" Platform

                              Provide 2D and 3D integrated geographic information services+3D visualization of geological information


                            Intelligent monitoring of mines

                            KJ66X The coal mine safety monitoring system is a new type of comprehensive automation monitoring system for coal mines that operates on a smart mining operation platform, integrating safety monitoring, production control, information management, network application, and is equipped with multiple subsystems such as nuclear scale measurement, hoist monitoring, water pump room monitoring, fire monitoring, power grid monitoring, roof dynamic monitoring, and main ventilation fan monitoring.

                            • KJ66X Coal mine safety monitoring system

                              Adopting the most advanced international technologies such as strong real-time transmission control, 3D GIS multi network integration, precise patrol, intelligent Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, clean and static power supply, and low-power laser sensing.

                            • Fully upgraded in accordance with national standards

                              Based on national standards such as AQ6201-2019 General Technology for Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System, AQ1029-2019 Specification for Use of Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System and Testing Instruments, and Technical Plan for Upgrading and Renovation of Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System, comprehensive upgrading and renovation will be carried out.

                            • Realize full mine network coverage

                              Truly achieving mine monitoring and control without blind spots, establishing a diversified ecological environment for mine production, management, and safety.


                            Intelligent management of mines

                            KJ1786J The precise positioning system for underground personnel in coal mines is an upgraded product that meets the safety technical requirements (trial) for underground personnel positioning systems. The system adopts UWB precise positioning technology, integrates 4G communication technology, WIFI communication technology, and laser measurement technology. It can monitor, locate, and track personnel, vehicles, and equipment in real-time throughout the entire process, and can view real-time location information and historical record information.

                            • KJ1786J Accurate positioning system for underground personnel in coal mines

                              We can provide customized smart energy industrial systems and sensor technology, information transmission technology, computer technology, video technology, and electrical explosion-proof technology.

                            • The system possesses technological leadership, stability, and accuracy

                              Provide high-precision real-time location services for dynamic and static target management in coal mines underground.

                            • The system adopts UWB precise positioning technology

                              Integrating 4G communication technology, WIFI communication technology, and laser measurement technology, it can provide real-time monitoring, positioning, and tracking of underground personnel, vehicles, and equipment throughout the entire process.


                            Mining integration communication

                            KT650(5G) The wireless communication system for mining is a new generation of 5G/4G/Wi Fi 6 integrated communication system aimed at coal mining business applications. It has high bandwidth, low latency, large connectivity, and flexible networking capabilities. It will become the main driving force for achieving intelligent coal mining, changing existing communication connection methods, and promoting new business and applications. It will also provide strong communication support for the construction of smart mines in coal mines.

                            • KT650(5G) Mining wireless communication system

                              The new generation 5G/4G/Wi Fi 6 integrated communication system for coal mining business applications has high bandwidth, low latency, large connectivity, and flexible networking capabilities.

                            • Smart Mine 5G Private Network Communication System

                              Layout the construction of 5G private networks in coal mining areas, explore 5G application scenarios, and meet the needs of surface and underground 5G private network construction and application in coal mines.

                            • Intelligent communication network for coal mines

                              Realize the informatization, automation, and intelligence of mines.


                            Mining industrial 10-Gigabit Ethernet ring network system

                            The mining industrial 10 Gigabit Ethernet ring network system is equipped with explosion-proof and intrinsically safe 10 Gigabit network switches and intrinsically safe 10 Gigabit network switches to meet the requirements of different operating environments according to the needs of different scenarios.

                            • The system complies with the IEEE802.3 protocol

                              It has Ethernet 10 Gigabit optical ports, Ethernet Gigabit optical ports, and Ethernet adaptive electrical ports, supporting full duplex/half duplex transmission.

                            • System support types

                              The system supports redundancy network structures such as ring type.

                            • Initialize parameter settings

                              The system has initialization parameter settings and power-off protection functions, and initialization parameters can be inputted and modified through the network or programming interface.


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